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Song Analysis: Do Not Disturb

Song Analysis Worksheet: Do Not Disturb

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Ask yourself the following questions:

SONG TITLE: Do Not Disturb
YEAR: 2017
If you could work on this song (change it), what would you change and why? I wouldn’t change a thing, this song is a masterpiece.
What is the song GENRE? R&B Rap or Pop
What is the song KEY? G major
What is the song TEMPO? 170 BPM
What do you like about the RHYTHM? I like how poppy the kicks are and the subtle clap in the background.
What do you like about the ARRANGEMENT? I like how the chorus is just the leading melody. You don’t see that in many songs.
What do you like about the MIX? I like the reverb they put on some of the drums to make it more subtle.
What do you like about the TIMBRE of some or all of the instruments? Like before, there just really subtle so it gives more attention to Drake’s voice.
What do you like about the PITCH of some or all of the instruments or vocals? The low pitch of the song combined with a high pitch of the leading melody and the medium pitch of Drake’s voice adds the perfect balance to the song.
Are there a particular TRACK(S) that stand out? I think the first verse really stands out. He talks about how the only thing he needs is music which is really the mentality I’m trying to get. It amazes me how good he has gotten and how dedicated to the music he is.
Finally, what do you like about the overall COMPOSITION? I think this is easily one of the best songs ever made. It has the perfect amount of subtleness and it’s simple. It puts a lot of emphasis on the lyrics and the lyrics just hit sooooooo hard.

“A song is a musical composition intended to be performed by the human voice. This is often done at distinct and fixed pitches (melodies) using patterns of sound and silence. Songs contain various forms, such as those including the repetition and variation of sections.”

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